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Newbie to swinging in Philippines?

Swingers are not so open in the Philippines. This is because the local norm consider it as taboo or immoral. However, the definition of morals or morality depends on every person's own perspective. From their experience, ideals, upbringing and from the way they see the purpose of living as individual. Life is simply a pursuit of happiness and pleasure. As individuals, we define our own morals. Swinging is not immoral as long as it is practiced between consenting adults. Consenting means swinging clearly fits with their morals. However, if you are a newcomer in this form of lifestyle, you need to be a little careful. Please read some of our basic guidelines on how to enjoy the lifestyle safely specially in the Philippines where this form of social activity is not openly accepted. If you are not careful enough, this might do more harm than benefits.

Start slowly. Everything will happen in perfect timing.

Most people that are newbie to swinging lifestyle starts with a simple social meet-up to make themselves comfortable first. If the chemistry of both couple is good, then they can progress to hanging out in shared private places like hotel, motels, or out of town resorts. It is very uncommon to Filipino swingers to do extraordinary sexual experience in their own homes. Most Filipino swinger couples just start with a simple same room sex where both swinger couples have sex with their respective partners, if everyone is in sync the rest will simply will go with the flow.

Whatever is your swinging fantasies and desires are, you can make it into reality. Just take one step at a time. Do not rush or else, you might fall into some commercial sex gimmicks which is illegal in the Philippines and health risky too. Engaging into swinging in the Philippines is a little bit long process whether you are a single swinger or a couple swinger. Collect all your potential mates first; get to know each other; do some background checking; meet and socialize multiple times. Remember, if your swinging desires are destined to happen, a series of unseen aligning events will make your desire a reality.

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Filipino modern culture is evolving. Our platform have evolved from more than a decade of study of Filipino sexual behaviour. Now, we have made it easy for you to find and meet swinging couples or swinging singles near you -- whether you are in your own city, town, province or barangay. Finding swingers or potential swingers to be is as easy as tapping and reading other couples' profile registered in the lifestyle network.

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